SEPT '11


My lack of posting might suggest that I've been off wandering in the woods but actually I spent the latter half of August holed up in the studio finishing the production of singer-songwriter Julie James CD "Mirror's Glance" and that included developing and recording additional guitar and bass parts, and mixing like the dickens (does anyone say that anymore? I guess I do). Currently, the project is being mastered by Oscar Zambrano in NYC and will be sent next to Discmakers in Pennsauken NJ for manufacturing. Our newest Thunder Ridge Records release!

Now if I could figure out a way to explain what I'm doing in a motel in Mitchell, South Dakota. My two acoustic guitars are here with me and the Creston electric is hidden in the car, along with all my portable recording gear, and boxes of old letters and miscellaneous correspondence. You may have guessed it; I'm on my way to the UCross Foundation ranch in Clearmont WY for a month long residency. This is a chunk of time set aside for composing and writing that I've been looking forward to since last spring when I was invited to attend. Thanks to Phil Aaberg, my musical collaborator on the album "Raven" and friend, who introduced me to this opportunity.

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