NOV '11


Sometimes a project runs into snags which this one did but in the end, the work emerges at its proper moment.  THE LOST TAPES: Kristina Stykos 1982-1992 is now available. 

Here is the machine that made it all possible. This 4-track recording device was brand new in 1980 and has traveled with me all these years, a kind of attractive relic to the early days as a singer-songwriter, when i was playing a little bit around Burlington VT at places like the Black Rose and City Hall Park. I didn't really like being a solo artist - it freaked me out; I think I'm too shy.

Guitarist Doug Perkins has been back in the studio, recording Bach Preludes and original bluegrass pieces. We're talking about a solo album project for 2012, on Thunder Ridge Records. When he comes over for a recording session, he always brings fresh produce to us from his garden, along with useful gardening wisdom - he is quite the vegetable gardener!

YEAH! This wonderful fun project (okay there was some work involved) is finally out!


Julie and I embarked on this project starting in November 2010, when she walked in the door with a folder full of unpublished, unrecorded material wondering what we could do with it. Thanks to her open and inquiring mind, we were able to completely engage the material, building productions from a foundation of simple acoustic guitar parts and Julie's rich vocals, with performances from Chas EllerPatrick Ross and Charlie Shew. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of pulling out all my guitars, including a couple electric ones, and layering my own parts, as needed, to support these intriguing songs. Thank you Julie!

Ahhh! This project with Robert Resnik, produced by myself and Mary McGinniss, is coming to completion. I have been spending this month mixing, mixing, mixing. I would like to say the mixes are almost ready to be called final, pending approval by my two associates. It has been a labor of love and features a colorful catalogue of material from the prolific mind of this amazing musician. The title of Robert's first solo release will be:


Here you see my cousin Steve Mayone, who I oddly enough I met only several years ago through Bow Thayer, due to the fact that the respective Italian wing of our family had been estranged before we were born. What a beautiful thing to meet a relative, as adults, and find out you have so much in common. Currently we are co-writing songs, and expect to produce an album at Pepperbox Studio and Steve's studio in Somerville MA, where he lives and works as a musician and guitar teacher. 

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