JULY '12



Somehow amidst the chaos of running a local garden tour, giving temporary housing to a homeless musician, navigating a car break-down (Troy NY), supporting one family member in the hospital (for surgery) and another's pre-wedding jitters - studio sessions in July increased. 


Here is Dan Mench-Thurlow, carving out some tracks for Julie James upcoming release "Edge of the World". And yes, that is my 1956 Martin with prototypical Willy Nelson wear and tear where the pick guard should be. (photo by Julie James)

Drummer Charlie Shew making things rock and roll from his favorite location over-looking the beautiful valley of Chelsea, Vermont ... the 3rd floor "drum landing" at Pepperbox Studio ... (photo by Julie James)

New territory for one of the north country's finest fiddlers Patrick Ross, as he pushes the cello envelope yet again ... (photo by Julie James)

And straight (maybe diagonally via St. Louis) out of Brooklyn, NY guitarist extraordinaire Mark Spencer joined me in the studio this month, to energize some already energetic new material of mine ... songs initially recorded in Wyoming last fall when I was an artist-in-residence at the Ucross Foundation, and now in the final stages of over-dubs and post production. (photo by Michael Millard)

And let us not forget the miraculous Julie James herself, who, besides working here with me on her own next album, has single-handedly taken over the much needed role of studio photographer/videographer. Her most significant contribution this month, has been to shoot footage and begin editing our first Kickstarter.com fundraising campaign, to support the production costs of singer-songwriter Dylan Waller's first full-length CD, "Shadows Grafted to the Sun", on Thunder Ridge Records. (photo by Kristina Stykos)

Dylan Waller bringing his beautiful sounds to the hill-top garden (photo by Michael Millard)

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