Last week began, leaning into shovels and trowels, caressed by sun and clouds, befriended by tree and fern, visited by newt, raven and deer fly, in gardens in Newfane, Barnard and Corinth VT . But soon the days turned inward to studio work: hours of editing, mixing and playing guitar. And finally, to a long weekend of barefoot revelry at the Tweed River Music Festival in Stockbridge VT where the Holy Plow convened for some energetic jamming with additional players: Doug Perkins, Tyler Bolles, Steve Mayone and Jeff Berlin. Here we are on stage, looking our best from behind: 

The big news was Tweed River Music Festival in Stockbridge VT where I played with the Holy Plow - an extended version of the Plow including Doug Perkins, Tyler Bolles, Steve Mayone and Jeff Berlin. The whole weekend was inspired and I wasn't the only one commenting on the incredibly good vibration of the crowd, the bands and the overall management of the festival. I hope we can do it again in 2012! Here are some photos of me and my wonderful band mates:

Tweed Festival: Bow Thayer

Tweed Festival: Steve Mayone

Tweed Festival: Patrick Ross

Tweed Festival: Tyler Bolles

Tweed Festival: Doug Perkins

Tweed Festival: Jeff Berlin


Okay, this last week gave new meaning to the word: "whirlwind". Going around in circles definitely a part of it but productive spirals that have taken everything to a new level.

Evidently just a phone call away, Chas Eller came over the mountain (7/26) for a studio session here at Pepperbox and laid us down some righteous tracks for Julia James upcoming CD, with so much heart and soul it all came back to me in full color why I'd asked him to co-produce my first album, Crazy Sorrows, in 1988. After that our lives and careers went very separate ways, and the divide between west and east got the better of us. So this reunion was sweet and inspiring, and gave us the immediate idea that we should be collaborating and recording together again, so stay posted.

The PuppeTree is putting up a new show, and so Ann Legunn, director of the Thetford VT puppeteers, came out to work with me to finish up the soundtrack, syncing previously recorded narration with music selections (7/27). It's always fun to spend time with Ann and hear about the behind-the-scenes adventures of one of the state's finest puppet makers and story tellers. Their new show, a contemporary adaptation of The Ugly Duckling, will be opening locally at VINS August 13/14; to see their whole schedule, go to

Next it was a trip for me, over the green mountains appalachian gap to Lincoln VT and Sunray Peace Village, for the annual Elders Gathering (7/29-31). And so, with my sound system and portable recording gear, I headed into an arbor of spruce boughs to ensure that this special weekend of spiritual teachings and community sharing would be archived for future students of venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. Her path to energize interdenominational dialogue towards the intra cultural understanding and world peace aims to bring many people and nations to see again the clear light of right relationship. Thanks to Peace Village Land Trust directors Julia James and Shannon Anton for opening the door for me to join this gathering in a supporting role.

Then it was back into the studio bright and early Monday morning (8/1) for two days recording with Northampton MA musician Charlie Shew, formerly of Ithaca NY. I had bumped into Charlie in Ithaca in June, where he was drumming for the band Orleans for a couple of dates, and we renewed our contact information - brilliant! Within the month I needed a drummer for a session and knew exactly who to call. What I didn't know is that he also plays bass guitar and so I lucked out and got a second day of tracks out of him. Another fateful reunion with an old friend that will undoubtedly lead to future exciting musical collaborations! 

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