I admit it, I've started to do things with plants and spring is coming on fast. In fact I moved two truckloads of 'em and created a holding bed. My gardening business Gardenessa is developing into a slightly larger affair, thanks to a new collaboration with a local stone builder, a geomancer and a gardening partner, expanding the scope of our gardens into realms of sacred space and sanctuary.

Meanwhile in the land of gear boxes and cables, I've been on the road on summer tires, carrying guitars and amplification devices through the north country to a few gigs. Thanks to guitarist Doug Perkins who rallied me to play, some of my songs saw the light of day at the Cookville Concert Series, in Corinth VT, (4/7) with backup from Doug, bassist Rob Morse and fiddler Caleb Elder. I've been struggling to recover from a degenerative condition in my vocal chords, that has kept me out of the lime light for years now, so this was a big deal.

Next, The Holy Plow finally made good on a promise to play at Tony Caparis's new music room at the Cobble House, in Stockbridge VT (4/14), one of the special spots in Vermont's Chateauquay wilderness. His perfectly situated Bed and Breakfast is perched on a cliff above the raging White River that so destroyed civilized areas during Hurricane Irene. All our friends from the area came out, and what started as a seated concert soon turned into a dance party with all chairs pushed to the side and spirits flowing freely. Again, the five piece enjoyed rocking the joint to the rafters. A fantastic, intimate performance space.

I've had to knuckle down and do ALOT of editing (audio) in the studio. It's one thing to push the record button, but to get the best takes fitted together like a puzzle, this falls into the category of mixing I guess and its where I typically spend hours and hours of my day. The projects afoot here include up and coming 2012 albums from each of Julie James, Steve Mayone, Dylan Waller, Doug Perkins, and yours truly, Kristina Stykos. So much screen time is not good for anyone, but at least I can balance that with plenty of time out in the elements, as Gardenessa, tending gardens in the north country.

Now what can I say about tracking with fiddler Patrick Ross? He was in yesterday (4/21) helping me out with both fiddle and cello parts. We know each other pretty well, having been band mates with Bow Thayer in The Holy Plow going on years now. This kind of relationship with world class players is nothing short of deeply rewarding. Lucky me.


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