Fall 2017

From the Producer's Desk: The Detangler by Ariel Zevon


Okay, I'm not going to sound a trumpet or anything but I am going to

wink at the cat because - we got it done! This much awaited collection

of 16 original songs by Ariel Zevon recorded and produced upstairs 

is all shrink-wrapped up and ready for distribution. And so comes the

snow & the wood fires are burning. With the advent of winter, we are

excited to present this, our latest creative effort: The Detangler. 

If you want, download it now at CD Baby.

Val McCallum (guitar) & Pappy Biondo (banjo) at Pepperbox Studio

Patrick Ross (fiddle) and Ariel Zevon [Photo by Mark Collier]


Kristina Stykos and Ariel Zevon at Pepperbox Studio, 2017 [Photo by Mark Collier]


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