Winter 2020

A NEW YEAR: Wrapping Up 2019

I can't believe it's been a year since I last posted any "News", but that should tell you a lot about how 2019 went. It did not let up much, on all fronts. I…

Fall 2018

RIVER OF LIGHT: The Final Push


With all the things going on in my life this year, it was hard to imagine

how I'd ever find the time to finish my 7th solo album, "River of Light".

Here are…

Spring 2018


The daffodils are up and last night we took a quick trip to Boston at

the invitation of Jackson Browne, who made room in his show at the

Blue Hills Pavilion…

Winter 2018

From the Producer's Desk: Welcome to my World!


Yes, lately I've been wearing out my producer's hat. With so many

amazing artists and interesting projects, there's not enough time in

the day. Eventually it comes: the need for balance. The…

Fall 2017

From the Producer's Desk: The Detangler by Ariel Zevon


Okay, I'm not going to sound a trumpet or anything but I am going to

wink at the cat because - we got it done! This much awaited collection

of 16…

Spring/Summer 2017

From the Producers Desk: Meeting our Funding Goal

It's true, we reached out Kickstarter goal of $5,000 and

are now moving into the final stages of recording and mixing

Ariel's album, The Detangler. To those who donated, we can't



 This has been one of the most busy winters I've had in a while and creative projects in the studio are stacking up; not a bad thing! I'm in the producer's role for most of them, engineering, arranging, playing parts…


When you know it's time to upgrade the studio software, you heave a sigh of .. not relief. You knuckle down and remind yourself that it's just something that has to be done. Make sure there is nothing scheduled for…


It’s full on gardening season and some of you may not know that I’m a landscape gardener when I’m not being a musician or a producer. Living in Vermont is a lot about following the rhythms of the seasons, and…

FALL 2014

"Good and Bad" The Steve Wentworth Band's new album goes to mastering at Zampol Productions, NYC!

 This project has been an incredible odyssey of live recording & overdubs; what an amazing team of musicians! Much of my summer and…



[Jeff Berlin]

I have a small cadre of "go-to" drummers whom I love, admire and hire. There's Charlie, who's an old junior high school buddy - I grew up with him in Ithaca, NY. and watched him hone his craft…