From the recording In the Earth's Fading Light

Kristina Stykos: vocal, guitar and mandolin
Susannah Blachly: fiddle

Produced by Kristina Stykos.
Recorded by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT except for Karen Almquist’s track recorded at Red Rooster Studio, Berkeley CA, and Bela Flecks tracks recorded on the road.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Corin Nelsen at Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County VT.


Valleys all of Blue
(c) 2005 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

It’s a coarse and a hungry country
With valleys all of blue
You can ride in the vale for hours
And never rise to a view

Each is weary traveler
Each knows trouble and strife
Each is a soul gone so low
Lost to the meaning of life

Here’s a toast to the men behind me
Here’s a glass to the setting sun
To all who have cared for me roughly
‘Til my feelings they were numb

You who’ve said that you loved me
While you took aim with your gun
I regret to announce my departure
Our parting now has come

I look to the road less traveled
Where the air has a shimmer and shine
Where the clouds are never cast over
And tears run sweet like wine

Here I carry my burden
Quickened by the sound
Of a bird crying out to the north wind
While the mountain streams come down