From the recording In the Earth's Fading Light

Kristina Stykos: vocals and guitar
Patti Casey: flute

Produced by Kristina Stykos.
Recorded by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT except for Karen Almquist’s track recorded at Red Rooster Studio, Berkeley CA, and Bela Flecks tracks recorded on the road.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Corin Nelsen at Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County VT.


You Follow My Soul
(c) 2005 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

You follow my soul - wherever it goes
Wherever I go
You are my shadow of gold - steady as stone
I am no longer alone

One bright doorway into this life
Many long roads to find you
Sunlight reaching out like a hand
You are the spirit of the land

You are the water I drink - the passion I seek
In the river so deep
You are the tumbling flash - swimming so fast
You hold the secrets I keep

Nights of thunder - nights of shame
Nights of steady soaking rain
Only you know who I am
You are my sacred land

You are the heather in bloom - under the sky
In a meadow so high
You are the summoning call - of a raven blue
From a broken stone wall

Your old well is hidden by hills
My tin cup is dipping there
I’ll be with you ‘til I die
Release my spirit as she flies