From the recording Raven

Kristina Stykos: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Philip Aaberg: keyboards

Arranged, engineered and co-produced by Kristina Stykos and Philip Aaberg, with production help from Ian Huhtala
Recorded at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea, Vermont and The Bin, Chester, Montana


He Will Be Free
(c) 2011 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

I had a vision
It’s something I was shown
On the darkest bleakest night
The night Whit took his own

It’s true I never met him
But he was rising in my sky
And I was smart enough to be there
When his star went shootin by

Far above the dirty prison
Far above the evil hole
Where the angels did not listen
And he did what he was told

I saw him make that decision
Like a sailor heads to sea
Into a storm of destruction
Because at least out there he will be free

He will be free, he will be free

I’m sure he didn’t think ahead
And even then they took his shoes
To make sure he was submissive
And played by their rules

And all their sorrows ran together
Fathers, brothers, boys and scum
Gentle hearts in with the broken
Locked away far from the sun

And how he found me is a mystery
How he reached across that line
As I clung to what he’d never
Get a taste of in his time

If he knew I had done nothing
To deserve this warm embrace
If he knew then would he come back
And make his peace with this place

He will be free, he will be free