1. Aniya

From the recording Raven

Kristina Stykos: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Philip Aaberg: keyboards

Arranged, engineered and co-produced by Kristina Stykos and Philip Aaberg, with production help from Ian Huhtala
Recorded at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea, Vermont and The Bin, Chester, Montana


(c) 2011 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

- Aniya: “to breathe on” in Lakota

If I could see your face
If I could count the stars in the sky
I might know my place
Gently hold my truth in inside
If somehow I could know
Like fast water sliding down
Where this path will go
And in falling, find my ground

Aniya, Aniya, Aniya, Aniya

Worn down by degrees
Losing all that once gave life
Land beneath the breeze
Cut away by the soldiers knife
Ponies run like fire
Over plains of restless night
Over plains of snow
Over all our bones and light

Aniya, Aniya, Aniya, Aniya

If I had not seen
All things they’d done to you
If I’d walked away
Hidden from the things I knew
If I’d held your hand
If the canyons all went dry
If this world was safe
We could pray and we could cry

Aniya, Aniya, Aniya, Aniya