1. Angelino

From the recording Wyoming Territory


Kristina Stykos: lead and harmony vocals, mandola, electric guitars, piano
Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion
Bow Thayer: bass
Chas Eller: Hammond organ

Recorded and mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT and in a composer’s studio at the Ucross Foundation, Ucross, WY
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions, NYC


(c) 2013 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

It wasn’t nothing I asked for
But people say I’m naïve
I was a waitress just doing a job
When he came on to me

He was a little too pretty
Sort of melted sugar on ice
He took me to his place uptown
And he treat me something nice

He give me something nice, oh lord
Served it up on a blade
He taught me to give him pleasure, lord
Yes he taught me how to be his slave

Hey - Angelino
Gonna sleep on a bed tonight
Gotta make myself pretty
Put my things on right

Hey - Angelino
Watch a body fly
Out of confusion and anger
And kiss the world goodbye

Hey - kiss that world goodbye

In the glow of the clubs, cigarettes and the smoke
And the grind of the sax and the doors flung open
And the dirty streets leading down to the ocean
I feel my body rise up

By the river at night, wrong way in the headlights
Running fast in my mind and the slush kicking up
And the strange cars drive and arrive
I’m alone and I feel it rise up

Hey - Angelino
I don’t need to put you down
But god’s got a plan to fix you up
I know he’s gonna come around

Hey - Angelino
It’s nothing to me who’s right
But god’s gonna put you on your knees
And help you see the light

God’s gonna put you right - Angelino
God’s gonna put you right
Hey - god’s gonna help you see the light