1. Horse Thief

From the recording Horse Thief


Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, vocals
Bow Thayer: bojotar, vocals
Patrick Ross: fiddle
Alex Abraham: bass
Matt Musty: drums

Recorded & mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea, Vermont. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian, NYC. Portraits of Kristina by Jack Rowell.


Horse Thief
© 2015 Kristina Stykos/BMI/Horse Thief Publishing

I saw the light
But it was no use
No one cared to save me
I was on the loose

I was just a horse thief
A running from the noose

who can say when I saw
the stars were not aligned
anyway, I fell in love
and put it from my mind

I was just a horse thief
I took what I could find

I gave her my answer
she believed it true
we drank from that river
I believed it too

I was just a horse thief
Drinking’s what I knew

Down by the Nechako River
she emptied my desire
then said it was over
and left me by the fire

I was just a horse thief
But she called me a liar

So I made it look easy
followed her inside
she was used to power
I had things to hide

I was just a horse thief
I only stole what I could ride

she fell then to sleeping
I loaded my gun
to protect my future
from what love had done

I was just a horse thief
I didn’t need the sun

Wolverine, Golden Dream
who will clean the slate
touch me when I’m fearful
hold me when I hate

I was just a horse thief
By some cruel twist of fate