1. Blessed Light

From the recording River of Light


Kristina Stykos: vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Yamaha S90 (piano, wurlitzer, organ, wooden flute), hand drum
Steve Mayone: lap steel, electric guitar, shaker, bass
Abby Jenne: backup vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT


Blessed Light
(c) 2018 Kristina Stykos

Blessed light
Compass of the blind
You sail the darkness
Of troubled times

O blade of the sun
Turn our cries to rain
Tether us to the muscle
Of our collective pain

You have watched us run
You have watched us run

O riderless horse
Don’t back away
The dirt river is billowing dust
And we can’t stay

O flicker of hope
Take us through this night
Bring us back to our senses
Back into the light

They have watched us run
They have watched us run

Our hands don’t reach the sky
But I can touch you - if I try
Your dreams are like mine
Made of blessed light

O silent flame
Guided by stars
Your love is the honey
That sweetens ours

You have watched me run
You have watched me run

Put your heart in mine
When courage fails us – we’ll be fine
Bring me to the one
Made of blessed light