1. Waging Peace

From the recording River of Light


Kristina Stykos: vocal, acoustic guitar, Yamaha S90 (piano, synth pad), bass
Val McCallum: electric guitar, background vocal

Produced, recorded and mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT.


Waging Peace
(c) 2108 Kristina Stykos

Something’s right with this day
There’s a truce on the sky
No more anger, only light
A few survivors on their way
No more danger, no more flight
No temptations to go wrong
Now the tender words, they ignite
Burning out across the dawn

Free at last from the rifle’s decisions
Free to ask to be shown
Safe at last with our feet in the river
Waging peace with the stones

Send my heart and with the falcon
Let’s fly beyond where we can see
And like two feathers or the clouds
We can travel the same breeze
Here the sweet grass, here the sage
Here the land that purifies
Here the bitter root of all our days
Here the refuge, close your eyes

Free at last

Farewell to this, a twisted tale of night
Where people sleep as wars unwind
We’ll take our children and honor life
And bless the path of humankind
Throw off our sorrows and the curse
Of our weapons and our blame
No more anger, just a fire
Holding vigil with its flame

Free at last