From the recording River of Light


Kristina Stykos: vocal, mandola
Steve Mayone: electric guitar

Produced, recorded and mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT


I Like a Hard Hearted Man
(c) 2018 Kristina Stykos

I like a hard-hearted man
One with a smooth undertow
He’s got his finger on your redemption
Looks like he knows what he don’t know
He’ll crash your little party
He’ll sink you like a stone
He’s a man hell bent on destruction
But knows he can’t do it alone
He leans on lady luck 
Like he don’t got no legs 
Of his own

I like a dastardly man
One who is good at keeping score
Good at keeping secrets
Who comes shameless to your door
Who needs someone to confess to
To keep his conscience clean
Gonna turn the tables on you
Just cuz he’s feeling mean
Got no mercy
Lord it hurts me
What I seen

I like an ambitious man
One with a fast track in his soul
Got a method and a madness
As he rakes you over the coals
Who tells you that he’s harmless
Way down deep inside
A mystery like the ocean 
Just thumbing for a ride
As for lady luck 
She’ll pick him up
Every time