JULY '12



Somehow amidst the chaos of running a local garden tour, giving temporary housing to a homeless musician, navigating a car break-down (Troy NY), supporting one family member in the hospital (for surgery) and another's pre-wedding jitters - studio sessions in…

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JUNE '12


Our cup over-floweth with joy to announce the release of Robert's solo album Playing Favorites on Thunder Ridge Records. This was a labor of love (well, most of them are) and in the works at Pepperbox Studio from April 2010…

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MAY '12

I wish I could start every month the way I started the month of May, by driving to CT for a solo concert by pianist Philip Aaberg of Montana. Phil co-produced my album Raven in 2011, and we tracked…

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I admit it, I've started to do things with plants and spring is coming on fast. In fact I moved two truckloads of 'em and created a holding bed. My gardening business Gardenessa is developing into a slightly larger affair…

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My last shot to take advantage of the bad weather and hole up with guitars working on parts, parts, parts for up to six album projects at a time; what am i, crazy? Just love to play and produce.


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FEB '12

Singer-songwriter Julie James has been back in the studio in February, and that means I’ve fired up the Yamaha S-90 keyboard, and been working with an array of both acoustic/electric guitars and mandolins to do production. And since we all…

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JAN '12


Lucky is the Vermont town that has its own pub; a warm, welcoming "public house" replete with sumptuous food, drink and live local music.  And lucky our ragtag band the Holy Plow, thrown into the midst of such conviviality…

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NOV '11


Sometimes a project runs into snags which this one did but in the end, the work emerges at its proper moment.  THE LOST TAPES: Kristina Stykos 1982-1992 is now available.


Here is the machine that made it all…

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OCT '11


I've been home from Wyoming for two weeks now, and the rhythms of life are returning somewhat to normal, which has its upside and its downside. On the one hand I'm happy to be back with the great friends…

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SEPT '11


My lack of posting might suggest that I've been off wandering in the woods but actually I spent the latter half of August holed up in the studio finishing the production of singer-songwriter Julie James CD "Mirror's Glance" and…

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Last week began, leaning into shovels and trowels, caressed by sun and clouds, befriended by tree and fern, visited by newt, raven and deer fly, in gardens in Newfane, Barnard and Corinth VT . But soon the days turned…

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JULY '11


Saturday night we were loose on the town (7/23) in our state's capital (I just love our state house's golden dome and feel a swell of pride when I think of the awesome legislators of this state, especially those…

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