It’s full on gardening season and some of you may not know that I’m a landscape gardener when I’m not being a musician or a producer. Living in Vermont is a lot about following the rhythms of the seasons, and…

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FALL 2014

"Good and Bad" The Steve Wentworth Band's new album goes to mastering at Zampol Productions, NYC!

 This project has been an incredible odyssey of live recording & overdubs; what an amazing team of musicians! Much of my summer and…

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[Jeff Berlin]

I have a small cadre of "go-to" drummers whom I love, admire and hire. There's Charlie, who's an old junior high school buddy - I grew up with him in Ithaca, NY. and watched him hone his craft…

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[Kristina - or is it Mona Lisa - after a vigorous cross country ski out the back door in sub-zero temps]

This winter was incredibly rich and fruitful for songwriting, although the process had it's arduous moments of self doubt…

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FALL 2013



[11th Hour Radio co-hosts Emily Ferro and Kristina Stykos]

It's been almost a year we've been broadcasting our hour long talk show live on Royalton Community Radio, Fridays at 11 am, and the most exciting thing is that now…

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photo by Cheryl Jones Lavoie

I’ve been doing everything but writing news here, since May. Now it’s October. I’m going to try to recap.

What a fantastic local radio station we have in WGDR, in Plainfield, VT! During their…

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So a few people know that one of my hobbies is playing rhythm guitar with hurdy gurdy player Robert Resnik ... but its okay if you look at me quizzically and say: Huh? We had a bunch of fun playing…

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The winter is a true winter this year. Recording sessions have stopped to allow for skiing and skiing has stopped to allow for sessions. The silence of the woods informs everything I do here. But too much isolation must be…

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The biggest news is my successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign; we raised $3,776 to support the production & mastering costs of “Wyoming Territory”, my new solo CD! Thank you again, to everyone of 69 people who joined with me to…

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These recent months left me spinning, as I worked to complete three projects in the studio, and then pack up and leave for a two month trip out west. Along with an excellent group of studio musicians, I was able…

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AUG '12

Here I am at the Tweed River Festival (8/5) happy to have a roof over my head as the skies opened up and sloshed festival-goers with buckets of rain. On stage with Bow Thayer, Patrick Ross, Jeff Berlin, Scott Paulson…

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