My song "Let's Cherish the Day" is featured on a compilation CD produced by musician Scott Ainslie of Brattleboro VT, to raise funds for The Healthcare is a Human Rights Campaign: "The Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign, a project of the Vermont Workers’ Center (VWC), aims to change what is "politically possible" in the healthcare debate through grassroots organizing and a strategic reframing of healthcare as a basic human right and the healthcare crisis as a human rights emergency." Go to to check it out. I've seen influx of new technology this month, mostly small things but each large in its capacity to affect my daily habits and work palette - including a new mandolin case; a hand-held recorder for sketching song ideas while in the summer kitchen (no electricity); new reverbs for the studio (Audio Ease); new headphones; a BNC cable and a "cable checker". I'm enjoying the pleasure of borrowing a baritone guitar from Will Ackerman and seeing it make the rounds of all the guitar players in the house, including Scott Ainslie, who while visiting before Christmas and between batches of shortbread gave it a good shake down; and Michael my husband who, though he actually was the one who built it years ago, did not realize it could provide such an inspiration with it's totally unique voice and colors. The newest Pepperbox Studio/Thunder Ridge Records release, Bow Thayer's "Shooting Arrows at the Moon" received a great review in the Seven Days, Burlington VT's arts and news weekly: Bow Thayer "Shooting Arrows at the Moon" Robert Resnik, Seven Days, 12/22/09 I'm getting ready for my winter retreat into songwriting, a much awaited period of my creative year.

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